About the Photographer

"Jeff Drewitz has an outstanding talent in his chosen field of photography. Until he came to us, it is probable that he never considered himself an artist, but rather a tradesman photographer who has honed his craft in his own time and manner and with little formal training. His pursuit of the best possible result was, and is his driving force and his patience in waiting for the moment, or travelling for thousands of miles in search of a rumoured 'el Dorado' opportunity is legend. Jeff has an innate talent which could not have been taught, or even directed. It comes from within and he uses it to make pictures, beautiful pictures of balance, poise, clarity and deliberate composition. It is for this reason that his work is 'art' in the traditional or academic sense, as much as a work is painted from life or the imagination by first making a mark and building upon it, piece by piece. In either case there is no room for accidental outcomes or chance results; the artwork is deliberately conceived and brought to life with purpose and forethought. The art of Jeff Drewitz is gaining momentum. His first exhibition with us was hugely successful in every respect and his subsequent engagements for international publishers and commissions throughout the world speak volumes about his ability and acceptance by an appreciative and knowledgeable audience." Alan Leek Director Breewood Galleries Hawkesbury Valley, New South Wales AUSTRALIA Jeff began his first steps into professional photography in 1994, and since then has built up one of the best and most extensive collections of Australian imagery available. Starting in 2005, following a book commission, he has also been covering New Zealand and now has an extensive collection from throughout the country. He uses a variety of cameras, both digital and film. His work has been used around the world in newspapers, books, calendars, magazines, greeting cards, posters, brochures, on billboards and in tourism and travel campaigns. He personally runs his own image library, and selections from that collection are also represented by libraries in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Two European publishers, teNeues in Germany and Vilo in Paris have produced books on Australia featuring Jeff's photography. A third book, on New Zealand was published by Autres Temps in France, and second New Zealand title was published in November 2010 by Hema in Australia. His most recent project, currently in production in Sept 2018, is two titles in the "In Photos" series by Hardie Grant Travel, covering Queensland and the Northern Territory